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<a href="">Chair</a>


Chelsea Hernandez

Chelsea is a 4th year Design major with a minor in Education. This is her 3rd year on the Board, and she is excited to return as Chair after having served as a volunteer, Assistant Director, and Director for the Children’s Fair. She loves watching sports with her family, enjoys reading, and likes to volunteer in the community in her spare time. Chelsea can’t wait to see all of the community, alumni, and students come out to celebrate what UC Davis and the Davis community has to offer at the 103rd Picnic Day!

<a href="">Vice Chair</a>

Vice Chair

Grace Gaither

Grace is a third year English Major with a Managerial Economics Minor. She started Picnic Day as an Assistant Director for Entertainment in 2015, then became Entertainment Director in 2016, and was then able to be interviewed and accepted as Picnic Day‘s Vice Chair for 2017. She is extremely excited to help create and continue the timeless Aggie tradition that started in 1909! She hopes you’ll come and help us celebrate the unique clubs, organizations, and individuals that make up UC Davis and allow Picnic Day to be the amazing event that it is.

<a href="">Animal Events</a>

Animal Events

Caitlyn Dedet

Caitlyn is a 3rd year General Biology major with an emphasis in Marine Biology and a minor in Psychology. She became involved in Picnic Day her freshman year as an Assistant Director for Animal Events and came back to the board the following year to fill that position once more. After experiencing the satisfaction and joy that comes with being a part of the nation’s largest student-run event, she knew she couldn’t see herself giving back to the campus and community in any better way. I hope people from all over come join us for our 103rd Picnic Day and experience all that UC Davis has to offer!

<a href="">Business</a>


Nick Lee

Nick Lee is a third year Chemical Engineering major. In the past, he has served as the Student Organization Fair (SOF) Director and Exhibits Assistant Director. In his free time, Nick enjoys volleyball, singing, and dancing. He also serves a tour guide, so catch him walking around campus backwards showing prospective students and families around campus. Nick is thrilled to be returning to the Picnic Day Board for the third year in a row.

<a href="">Children’s Discovery Fair</a>

Children’s Discovery Fair

Daisy Sanchez

Daisy Sanchez is a third year Political Science student with a double minor in Economics and Philosophy. Daisy is ecstatic about returning to Picnic Day for the third time, this year as the Children‘s Discovery Fair Director. Daisy loves spending time with her family and friends though you’ll often find her curled up with a book in her spare time. Daisy is incredibly excited to work on Picnic Day 103 and help put forth the best celebration of Davis possible!

<a href="">Entertainment</a>


Gabe Escudero

Gabe is a third year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major. He is happy to return to the board for a second year, having served as an Assistant Director in 2016. In his spare time, you can find him singing and playing the guitar/ukulele. He hopes to make Picnic Day fun and energy-filled, while showcasing the incredible talent and diversity the city of Davis has to offer!

<a href="">Exhibits</a>


Helen Xie

Helen is a fourth year Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior major with a minor in Psychology. She loves to read and is a huge fan of Harry Potter. She attended Picnic Day her first two years at UC Davis and joined the Picnic Day Board as an Exhibits Assistant Director last year. This year, she is excited to return to the Board as the Exhibits Director for the 103rd Picnic Day! It will be a fun filled day for all ages and she hopes you will be joining her in experiencing this timeless Aggie tradition!

<a href="">Graphics</a>


Cynthia Chong

Cynthia is a senior double majoring in Design and Art Studio. She joined Picnic Day as a Graphic Assistant Director in 2016 on her first transferred year in UC Davis, and she enjoyed Picnic Day so much! This is her second year on the board, and she is excited to return as Graphics Director. She is passionate about graphic design and she can’t wait to design and celebrate for the 103rd Picnic Day!

<a href="">Operations</a>


Jackson Anderson

Jackson is a third year biochemistry and molecular biology and Spanish double major. After serving as assistant director of operations in 2016, he is returning as the director of operations in 2017. He enjoys backpacking, skiing, camping, and spending time with friends and family. He is looking forward to working with the board to showcase UC Davis and make this one of the best Picnic Days yet for the Aggie community.

<a href="">Parade</a>


Daria Bisharah

Daria is a 4th year Political Science, Psychology and Spanish triple major. She is excited to be coming back to the Picnic Day Board in 2017 as the Parade Director after a wonderful experience as a Parade Assistant last year. When she isn’t committing herself to her jobs on campus, research position, Greek Life, or her education, she enjoys traveling, hiking, or camping anywhere in the world, and loves to spend time with her loved ones. She is more than looking forward to a wonderful year and wants to encourage everyone to come visit the Parade in 2017 as it will kick off the best day of the year, otherwise known as the 103rd Picnic Day!

<a href="">Publicity</a>


Kristen Lui

Kristen Lui is a fourth year Communication major. She has been a part of Picnic Day since her freshman year and is excited to return as the Publicity Director for the 103rd Picnic Day. She enjoys being involved on campus and has worked with the Mondavi Center, Student Alumni Association, and currently works with the Center for Student Involvement. She also loves to play and watch tennis and discover new cuisines. She looks forward to working with her fellow directors to make Picnic Day a huge success!

<a href="">Special Events</a>

Special Events

Grace Cheng

Grace is a 4th year Managerial Economics major with a minor in Textiles. This is her third year on the Board as Special Events Director after serving as Entertainment Assistant Director and Chair Assistant Director. She enjoys being involved on campus, such as driving for Unitrans and working in Center for Student Involvement. She loves traveling and dancing (contemporary) in her free time. She is ecstatic for the new year and to share Picnic Day with everyone!

<a href="">Student Organization Fair</a>

Student Organization Fair

Carrie Ng

Carrie is a 2nd Year Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning major. She enjoyed being a part of the Picnic Day board as an Assistant Parade Director in 2016 so much, she applied to be on the board again for 2017--this time as the Student Organization Fair Director. Carrie invests her free time in volunteering, attending events, painting, and hanging out with friends. Not only is she ready to help plan the 103rd Picnic Day, she‘s also ready to attend it and she can’t wait to see you there!

<a href="">Technical</a>


Madhav Sharma

Madhav is a 3rd year N.P.B. major. He was the Technical Assistant Director for the 101st and 102nd Picnic Day and is excited to return as the new Technical Director for the 103rd Picnic Day. He loves playing basketball in his free time and learning new things whenever possible. Above all, Madhav wants to help the board create an amazing 103rd Picnic Day that the whole community can take part in and enjoy to the fullest!

<a href="">Transportation</a>


Beverly Yee

Beverly is a fourth year Landscape Architecture student. She is excited to return to the Picnic Day Board as the Transportation Director again. During her free time, Beverly enjoys grabbing boba with friends, traveling and finding new places to eat, working out, and just watching tv shows. Beverly is grateful for being able to be a part of a timeless Aggie tradition, and is looking forward to another great year with the 103rd Picnic Day!

<a href="">Volunteer</a>


Jing Jing (Annie) Li

Jing Jing (Annie) is a 4th year Economic and communication major. This is her 3rd year on the Board and she is excited to serve as Volunteer Director. She likes playing badminton, watching TV, and reading novels. Annie can’t wait to celebrate Picnic Day 103!