Directors 2017-2018

For more information on how to become a future Director or all other inquiries, please email:

<a href="">Chair</a>


Grace Gaither
Grace Gaither is a 4th year English Major. She has been part of Picnic Day since her freshmen year, starting as a Lead Assistant Director for Entertainment. Though she enjoys analyzing literature, she wants to go into Event Coordinating. She loves problem-solving on the fly, meetings, and the hot Vietnamese Latte from Posh Bagel.

<a href="">Vice Chair</a>

Vice Chair

Chelsea Falk
Chelsea Falk is a second-year Psychology Major studying to be an Occupational Therapist. She became involved in Picnic Day her freshman year after hearing about it at the Student Involvement Fair and attending the following Info Night. Her favorite part about being involved in Picnic Day is getting to become so much more involved in the school and community and meeting all of the amazing people that constitute the Davis campus and town. So far, her favorite part of Picnic Day is the Parade that kicks-off the day in the morning.

<a href="">Animal Events</a>

Animal Events

Caitlyn Dedet
Caitlyn Dedet is a 4th year Biological Sciences major with a minor in Psychology. On top of being a part of UC Davis Women’s Rowing, she has also been a part of Picnic Day since her freshman year. This will be her 4th year on the board and she is excited to be returning as the Animal Events Director for the second time. This year she is excited to expand the animal events even more and hopefully invite some new organizations to join the returners. Come say hi on Hutchison Field and have a great Picnic Day!

<a href="">Business</a>


Victoria Ding
Victoria Ding is a fourth-year student, with a major in International Relations and Managerial Economics. Last year, she joined the Picnic Day Board as a Special Events Assistant Director. Because of how much she loved working with the other board members, Victoria came back as the Business Director for the 104th Picnic Day! This year, she is looking forward to finding all the wonderful sponsors that will support Picnic Day.

<a href="">Children’s Discovery Fair</a>

Children’s Discovery Fair

Elise Pohlhammer
Elise Pohlhammer is a third-year Human Development and Psychology double major. This will be her second year on the board, having been an Assistant Director for CDF last year. She first attended Picnic Day as a senior in high school, and by the time she left campus she was convinced that UC Davis was where she wanted to go to school! She loves the sense of community that Picnic Day inspires, whether it’s by serving on the board throughout the year or by engaging with the greater Davis community on Picnic Day itself.

<a href="">Entertainment</a>


Alfredo Rodriguez
Alfredo Rodriguez is a 3rd year Human Development and American Studies double major. He is excited to return to Picnic Day this year as the Entertainment Director after a fantastic experience as an Entertainment Assistant Director last year. As the Entertainment Director, he manages the stage logistics and entertainment line-up for Picnic Day. Outside of Picnic Day, Alfredo is an Academic Community Counselor for the Department of American Studies. He meets with students to discuss class schedules, major requirements, and practicing self-care. In his spare time, he enjoys relaxing in his bed while snacking and binge-watching tv, has a blast sending vlogs about food and his daily mishaps to his 26 subscribers on snapchat and loves spending quality time with his close friends and family, including his five cuddly dogs. Alfredo is thrilled to work with the Picnic Day board and looks forward to celebrating Picnic Day 104 with the Aggie community and beyond!

<a href="">Exhibits</a>


Kyle Catapusan
Kyle Catapusan is a third-year undergraduate student at UC Davis working towards a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering. He got involved in Picnic Day by joining the Picnic Day Directors team as the new Exhibits Director. Kyle loves how Picnic Day is able to offer a lot of social and science-related events to showcase the ingenuity and friendliness of the city of Davis. He is looking forward to developing the 104th Picnic Day by contributing his forward-thinking skills and sociable personality towards the setup of various Picnic Day exhibits around the campus for Picnic Day 2018.

<a href="">Graphics</a>


Jeremy Dang
Jeremy Dang is a third-year Design (Visual Communications) major and Communication minor! This is his first year being involved in Picnic Day and he is excited to work with a great team of individuals to help create different visuals as the Graphics Director! Picnic Day has always been one of his favorite events to look forward to. He really looks forward to getting a free plant again this year. Hopefully it won’t die within a day this time.

<a href="">Operations</a>


Atinder Kaur
Atinder Kaur is a 2nd year Managerial Economics major. She was an assistant director for operations last year and is even more excited to come back as a director for this years Picnic Day! She joined Picnic Day because it really embodies what UC Davis is all about. The board has helped her developed her leadership skills. It’s a great opportunity to show off our campus and as a proud UC Davis student she loves anything that has to do with displaying our Aggie pride.

<a href="">Parade</a>


Naomi Reeley
Naomi Reeley is a second-year Human Development and Political Science Double Major. She got involved with Picnic Day last year as a Lead assistant Parade Director and could not get enough of it. She is looking forward to having a successful parade with some fun new additions. Lastly, Naomi loves how community based Picnic Day is and how diverse all the events are!

<a href="">Publicity</a>


Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia is a second-year pursuing a Biological Sciences major. Last year, he joined Picnic Day as a Publicity Assistant Director and had the chance to meet a diverse group of people who all enjoyed working towards a common goal: making Picnic Day fun! This opportunity also allowed him to see the amount of planning that is put in to see a successful event come to life. Aaron loves how Picnic Day is able to showcases a variety of events, including, his personal favorites, Davis Dance Revolution and Battle of the Bands. This year, Aaron is looking forward to creating his own team of Publicity Assistant Directors and being able to reach out to as many people as possible to join us on Picnic Day 2018!

<a href="">Special Events</a>

Special Events

Nicole Deacon
Nicole Deacon is a second-year statistics and psychology major. She joined the Board last year as an assistant director for the Children‘s Discovery Fair, and she is excited to come back this year as Special Events Director. As Special Events Director, she plans and runs Pre-Week and information booths. She is also an officer on the women’s club water polo team. She loves to cook and play with her dog in her free time. She is excited for everyone to attend and enjoy the 104th Picnic Day!

<a href="">Student Organization Fair</a>

Student Organization Fair

Gigi Guo
Gigi Guo is a third-year Communication and Economics double Major. She has been a part of the board since her freshmen year. Gigi is excited to work with the Operations director and Chair director, thus, she has returned to the Picnic Day board as a Student Organization Fair director this year. She can’t wait to work with everyone on the board in completing the ultimate goal of putting Picnic Day together! Her favorite part of Picnic Day is everything on the quad because Student Organization Fair ROCKS the quad. When she is not working in the office, she would love to get food and hang out with you.

<a href="">Technical</a>


Jonathan Hsu
Jonathan Hsu is a 2nd year Computer Science major. He likes to hike and go on unplanned road trips in his free time. Last year he became a graphics assistant director after stumbling upon the position while looking through ASUCD jobs/vacancy. Jonathan’s favorite picnic day event is the free plant giveaway because he loves having and taking care of plants. He is looking forward to making this Picnic Day a great experience for everyone!

<a href="">Transportation</a>


Gautami Mittal
Gautami Mittal is 3rd year Civil Engineering major. She is excited to return to the Picnic Day board after previously being an assistant. As the Transportation Director, she helps coordinate vehicle usage and transportation-related needs on the day of Picnic Day. She loves being involved on campus and is currently working with various departments. When she isn’t committing herself to her campus jobs, education, greek life and being an fanatic pizza enthusiast, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her family and friends.

<a href="">Volunteer</a>


Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee is a 4th year History and Japanese Major with an Education Minor. He got involved with Picnic Day because his friend recommended it would be a great college experience; since then, he has been coming back every year! Kenny likes Picnic Day because of the diverse group of people that he meets and it is a great opportunity to learn leadership, communication, and networking skills! This year, Kenny is looking forward to seeing a Picnic Day that is successful and fun with the help of his peers, friends, and volunteers!