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Friends of Picnic Day Endowment

In May 2011, Tom and Meg Stallard, both former Picnic Day board members, were honored to receive the UC Davis Foundation’s Charles Soderquist Award, which is given in recognition of volunteer leadership and support of philanthropy at UC Davis. The Soderquist Award comes with a $5,000 prize, which recipients designate to the university program of their choosing. Tom and Meg chose to use the prize to establish the Friends of Picnic Day Endowment. “We have established the Friends of Picnic Day Endowment with the hope that it will help refocus the event on its original purpose – to provide a day of fun that unites campus and community and showcases the many contributions that UC Davis is making in the region, across the country, and around the world,” the Stallards said.

Throughout the past year, a number of others have made additional gifts to the Friends of the Picnic Day Endowment. Most notably, the endowment recently received a $38,000 gift from the Victor Chu Estate. Coming back to campus for Picnic Day with his family was an annual tradition that Dr. Chu, a double alumnus, loved.

If you are interested in making a gift to the Friends of the Picnic Day Endowment or making a donation to Picnic Day you can do so online. Your support will join a tradition that has been vital to making Picnic Day the cherished event that it is.  If you make a donation of $25 or more your name will be listed in the Schedule of Events.

Special thanks to all our donors!

2017 Donors

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D., Angela Joens, Paul V. Cody, Ed.D. Carol Le, Cheryl A. Marks, Christopher Pohlhammer & Julie Yeh, Daria Bisharah, In Honor of Andrew Crotto, In Honor of Annette Nguyen, In Honor of Grace Scott, In Honor of Janice Corbett, In Honor of Molly Bechtel, Jane & John Eadie, Jessica Mizzi in Memory of Jonathan C. Youngs, Kevin Tran, L & J Bonser Memorial Fund/Schwab Charitable Fund , Michelle & Scott Poesy, The Honorable Tom W. Stallard & Meg S. Stallard, Walter E. Martinez in Honor of Erika Martinez

2016 Donors

Annette Nguyen, Grace Scott, Janice & Larry Corbett, Jane & John Eadie, In honor of Annette Nguyen, In honor of Jacquelyn Kong, Robert Ono & Betty Masuoka, Paul Cody, Lyndon Huling, The Honorable Tom & Meg Stallard

2015 Donors

Molly Bechtel, Dr. Susan Boiko & Dr. Martin Schwartz, Gregory & Victoria Chakerian, Carol & William Chandler, Min Chen, Paul Cody, Lyndon Huling, Kitling Mitchell, Maria & Joseph Monteleone, Cathy Spriggs, Meg & Tom Stallard

2014 Donors

Mary & Robert Allessandrelli, Lexer Chou, Kevin Chuc, Paul Cody, Janice & Larry Corbett, Charlie Colato, Danielle Eckert, Hope Welton Gawlick & Matthew Gawlick, Kenneth Gelatt, Jim & Patricia Geraghty, Steve Hill, Elizabeth Houston, Fay & Jerold Hulbert, Lyndon Huling, In memory of Eric Jarvi, Jackie Kong, Monica Lindholm, Joseph & Maria Monteleone, Jennifer Mappus, Anne Myler, Emily Nuester, Harriet Prato, Sandra Redenbach, Fred Rios, Cathy Spriggs, Meg & Tom Stallard, Cathy & Sean Stannard-Stockton, Max Tipp, Donna & Ubaldo Tonella, Barbara & Darrell Wilson, Jonathan Wu, Randall Yuen, Broc & Sharon Zoller

2013 Donors

Anonymous Donor in honor of 100th Picnic Day, Kevin Chuc, Paul Cody, Kevin Hadidjaja, Jacquelyn Kong, Monica Lindholm, Jennifer Mappus, In recognition of Rich Shintaku

2012 Donors

Mary & Robert Allessandrelli, Diana Barnes, Nora & Dirk Brazil, Brett & Jill Burns, Linda & Mark Champagne, Carol & William Chandler, Steve & Allison Chilcott, Kevin Chuc, John & Maya Clifton, Paul Cody, Andrew Do, Fay & Jerold Hulbert, James Jordan, William Kromydas, Jennifer Mappus, David & Terryl Mappus, Michael McKinlay, Patrick & Stella McKinney, Joseph & Maria Monteleone, James & Kay Morison, Wendy & Robert Orr, Frank & Georgina Pearce, Carla & Jorge Piedrahita, Georgene Poulakidas, Sandra Poysa, Harriet Prato, Stephen Rae, Henry & Mary Rodegerdts, Carol & Dan Rupe, Adam Thongsavat, Donna & Ubaldo Tonella, Fred & Mary Wood, Randall Yuen, In Memory of Ted Adams

2011 Donors

Dr. Susan Boiko & Dr. Martin Schwartz, Kevin & Kim Bacon, Dirk & Nora Brazil, Katrina Brinckmann, Linda & Mark Champagne, Allison & Steve Chilcott, Lexer Chou, 2003 & 2004 Picnic Day Chair, Paul Cody, Charlie Colato, 2011 Picnic Day Chair, Jane & John Eadie, Daniel Homerick, Charles Kelemen, Mike Myler, Mark & Tisha Hendricks, Monica Lindholm, 2010 Picnic Day Chair, Kinzie & Robert Murphy, Babs Sandeen, Meg & Tom Stallard, Marty Swingle, Adam Thongsavat, Fred & Mary Wood, Heather Zoller