Parade Marshals

The 101st Picnic Day Board of Directors is pleased to introduce this year’s parade marshals – Jane Eadie and Richard Kossak. We believe that these individuals exemplify what it means to have Aggie Pride and spirit through their pivotal contributions and roles on the UC Davis campus. These individuals have helped make Davis what it is today.

 Jane Eadie

Jane Eadie is the Associate Executive Director and Chief Programs Officer for the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA). Jane, her husband, John, and their three daughters moved to Davis in 1995 when John accepted an endowed professorship on campus, and have been here ever since. They were looking for a warm and welcoming community to raise their daughters and found just that in Davis. She has played a large role in fostering community on campus and in the city of Davis.

Having been a Davis resident for two decades, Jane can always be seen at local football games, as well as at the Davis Farmers’ Market. She currently serves on the inaugural Board of Directors for the Yolo Crisis Nursery. The Yolo Crisis Nursery is a Davis-based, soon to be nonprofit organization that provides emergency care for children in times of family crisis. On campus, Jane has served as the Lead Staff Advisor for UC Davis’ student philanthropy, We Are Aggie Pride. Since its launch in February of 2012, We Are Aggie Pride has been able to raise over $100,000 from over 1000 donors. Furthermore, over 75% of the donations are from students; these donations go directly back to students who have short-term financial emergencies. Jane’s work with the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is another example of her commitment to bridge the UC Davis campus with the city of Davis. SAA organizes a program called Together We Can, in which they collect canned goods that are then donated to The Pantry. The Pantry is a student-run food bank that provides free meals to students so that no one will go hungry because of financial circumstances. When the can drive came to Jane’s community, she rallied her neighbors to donate, ultimately leading to a great turnout that benefitted many UC Davis students.

Through her work in fostering community and supporting students and the community in Davis, the 101st Picnic Day Board of Directors is very proud to appoint Jane Eadie as a parade marshal for this year’s Picnic Day. It is our belief Jane’s past and continued contributions have helped shape the strong sense of community and unity that is apparent throughout the UC Davis campus and in the city of Davis.

Richard Kossak

Richard Kossak has shown his Aggie Pride through working with and advising many student organizations. For two decades, Richard has played an integral role in supporting and assisting in the planning of Picnic Day. Today, Richard is the business owner of Mr. Fix It, a company that provides a wide range of home repair solutions.

While working on campus, Richard was the Director of Retail Operations and Student Organization Event Labor Director for Sodexo Campus Services. He played a large role in recommending and developing a program that allows student organizations to work at concession stands at UC Davis athl​etic games and multiple Mondavi Center events, as well as at the Student Organization Fair on​ Picnic Day. Furthermore, his influence has allowed student organizations to help in executing the wildly popular themed meals at the Dining Commons. For Richard, working with and helping students succeed gives him enjoyment as well as “keeps [him] younger.” He has also been an advisor for three student groups on campus, culminating to over 10 years of experience. Such guidance has been vital in helping UC Davis students develop both personally and professionally.

It is through his contributions to student life and Picnic Day that the 101st Picnic Day Board of Directors is excited to have Richard Kossak as one of the parade marshals for this year’s annual celebration. For twenty years, Richard has worked on the day of Picnic Day. We, as the Board, are thrilled at the prospect of him finally experiencing all the enjoyment the day has to offer.