Parade Marshals

The Parade Marshals represent Picnic Day and are chosen based on their active participation in the community, positive impact on others, and their embodiment of the theme.

Picnic Day officially begins its day of festivities with the parade. As part of the parade, the Board of Directors elects Parade Marshals to be the distinguished guests of Picnic Day. Parade marshals are individuals from various fields who are nominated and evaluated by the Board. In selecting the Parade Marshals, the Board looks for individuals who display a passion for their job, personify the current theme, represent Aggie Pride, contribute to the campus and Davis community, and, most of all, are role models and inspirations for all UC Davis students. Over the years, Picnic Day has selected individuals who have been involved in various fields such as education, the arts, sciences, politics, and many more.

This year, Picnic Day chose Professor Emeritus Thomas Famula and Dr. Michelle Famula as our Parade Marshals. The Famulas have actively participated in the growth and inspiration of UC Davis students and the community as a whole and we are more than honored to have them as our Parade Marshals.

Professor Emeritus Thomas Famula joined UC Davis in 1981 and taught ANS 01, which is the animal science introductory course at UC Davis.  He also conducted research on the statistical aspects of genetics and animal improvement. He received a Distinguished Teaching Award from the UC Davis Academic Senate in 1999 and was included in The Best 300 Professors guidebook in 2012.

Dr. Michelle Famula has been dedicated to protecting the health and safety of all UC Davis students and young adults over a 35-year career in Student Affairs at UC Davis. She joined the campus in 1981 as a student health physician and retired as executive director of Health and Wellness in 2016.

Past Parade Marshals

2017 – Bryan Enderle, Isao Fujimoto
2016 – Ramsey Mussallam
2015 – Jane Eadie, Richard Kossak
2014 – Sandy Holman, Hal and Carol Sconyers
2013 – Dick and Marilyn McCapes
2012 – Ruth Asmundson, Rich Engel, Cathy Carr West
2011 – Mark Champagne, Jim Sochor
2010 – Tom and Meg Stallard
2009 – Bob Black, Gabriella Wong
2008 – Antoinette “Butterscotch” Clinton, Martin Yan
2007 – Yvonne Marsh, Bay Butler, Bryan Jenkins
2006 – Douglas Gross, Steven James Tingus, Lois Wolk, Liz Applegate
2005 – Jack Farmer, Kelly Albin, Dawn Imamoto Yamaguchi
2004 – Stylianos Spyradakis and Klea Bertakis, Niels Pedersen
2003 – John Boe, Richard and Evelyn Rominger
2002 – Robert and Margrit Mondavi
2001 – Randolph Siverson, Ted Adams, Jackie Speier
2000 – Francisco Rodriguez, Jamila Demby
1999 – Stephen Robinson, Marya Welch, Thomas Duncan
1998 – Deanne Vochatzer, Vic Fazio, Yvonne Lee, Celeste Turner Wright

1997 – Delaine Eastin, Dennis McNeil, Ann Veneman, Ken Verosub
1996 – Carol Wall
1995 – Ida Mae Hunter, Peter Dietrich
1994 – Tom Dutton, Darby Morrisroe
1993 – Orville and Erna Thompson
1992 – Wayne and Jacque Bartholomew
1991 – Fred Wood
1990 – Harry O. Walker
1989 – Leslie Campbell
1988 – Ted Hullar
1987 – James H. Meyer
1986 – Warren D. Mooney
1985 – Jim Sochor
1984 – Harry W. Colvin, Jr.
1983 – Philip Dubois
1982 – Marilyn Etzler
1981 – Gary Ford
1980 – Lawrence Shepard
1979 – Arnold Sillman
1978 – Bob Krieger
1977 – Ruth Anderson
1976 – Thomas L. Allen
1975 – Celeste Turner Wright

1974 – Dick Lewis
1973 – G. Ledyard Stebbins
1972 – James H. Meyer
1971 – Wilson Riles
1970 – Earl Warren, Sr.
1969 – Emil Mrak
1968 – Chester O. McCorkle
1967 — Maynard A. Amerine
1966 — Blaine McGowan
1965 — Glenn M. Anderson
1964 — Emil Mrak
1963 — Edwin C. Voorhies
1962 — Robert Sproul
1923 — Mrs. D. L. Roberts, Dean Thomas F. Hunt, Ralph P. Merri
1922 — Peter J. Shields, Dean Thomas F. Hunt, Director C.B. Hutchison
1920 – H.M. Kilburn, L. Barnard, O.W. Karn, Peter J. Shields, Fred Shaffer, Thomas F. Hurt
1919 – R.H. Crab Tree, C.G. Wells, Allen Sproul, W.M. Johnson, H.D. Fish, A.D. Wilson, Pardo Hooper
1918 – N.H. Davis, R. Servier, C. Dunshee, W.B. Browning
1917 – J.T. Hunsaker, M.W. Hurford, I.F. Swift, W.D. Heron