Parade Marshal

For each Picnic Day, there are Parade Marshals. The Parade Marshals are chosen to represent Picnic Day and are chosen by their active participation in the community, positive impact on others, and their embodiment of the theme.

This year, Picnic Day has chosen UC Davis’ Dr. Bryan Enderle and Isao Fujimoto as our Parade Marshals. Enderle and Fujimoto have actively participated in the growth and inspiration of UC Davis students and the community as a whole and we are more than honored to have them as our Parade Marshals.

Dr. Bryan Enderle is a Chemistry Lecturer here at UC Davis, awarded the ASUCD Excellence in Education Award in 2012 and the Interfraternity Council Teacher Appreciation Award; he graduated from Berkeley in 1997 and earned his doctorate from UC Davis in 2002. He has touched the lives of students throughout the campus; his name is passed on to students who have never taken a single class.

Dr. Isao Fujimoto is the founder of the Community Development program and Asian American studies program here at UC Davis and is a Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award winner; he graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in biological sciences in 1955 and went on to earn his Ph.D. in 2010. He’s inspired students for years; some of whom met at his house and helped create the Davis Food Co-op and the Farmers market.