Safe Celebrations

Picnic Day is a family-friendly open house with many things to do

If you’re planning to have your own Picnic Day celebration, the following can help make it a fun and safe event.

          • Let your neighbors know you are going to have an event and give them your phone number so they can call you if there are any problems.
          • Keep your event to people you know. It is better to have it inside or in your backyard to avoid unwanted guests.
          • Have a sober friend watch for everyone and respond to any situation that may arise.
          • Serve food and non-alcoholic beverages.
          • Provide safe transportation for guests who have been drinking.
          • Know your responsibilities and liabilities as a host.

Citations for the following violations in the Safety Enhancement Zone are as follows:

Please note that the Safety Enhancement Zone has been updated for Picnic Day 2017. These updates can be found here

          • General noise $403
          • Urinating in public $403
          • Open containers of alcohol $321
          • Smoking in public $485
          • Minimum citations in City of Davis $239

Visit The Safe Party Website for tips on reducing the risks of alcohol-related problems (personal and legal) and how to keep your party from ending on a low note.
More information on planning your event may be found at The Safe Party Website.