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Volunteers help for two-hour shifts on the day-of Picnic Day: April 15th, 2023. Every volunteer gets a free t-shirt and there are many areas you can help! Click the button to find more information on volunteer opportunities and shift-times available. Volunteer sign-ups are first come, first serve, sign up now! Volunteer applications are up now!

Please note that volunteers will be expected to lift objects at their shift. However, if you are unable to do so, please let the Volunteer Director know so we can adjust your volunteer duties accordingly. 

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Volunteer FAQ's

  • Can I sign up for multiple shifts?
  • Yes! You are more than welcome to. Please just make sure they are for different time slots or we will contact you to reschedule your shifts.
  • If I sign up for multiple shifts, can I get more than one t-shirt?
  • Sadly, no. We can only offer one shirt per volunteer.
  • What types of volunteer opportunities are available?
  • You can volunteer for Animal Events, Operations, Entertainment, the Student Organization Fair, the Children’s Discovery Fair, Transportation, the Parade, or serve as a general volunteer. For more information about each shift type, check out the sign-up genius!

  • Who is eligible to volunteer?
  • Anyone age 18 and older is eligible to volunteer on Picnic Day without parental approval. People who are under 18 can volunteer but will need a guardian to sign off. 
  • What is required to volunteer?
  • To volunteer, you must 1) Sign up for a volunteer shift, 2) Attend a mandatory training session in Spring Quarter, 3) Fill out a volunteer waiver during the session, and 4) Check-in on Picnic Day and volunteer!
  • When will the mandatory training session occur?
  • The training session will happen in Spring Quarter and the exact date/time will be announced shortly. Once you sign up, you will receive further instructions over email. There will be multiple sessions to ensure you can attend.

  • When do I get my shirt?
  • You will receive your shirt when you check-in on the day of Picnic Day for your volunteer shift.